A year ago when my doctor recommended I see Kathleen Stross, it was a huge blessing! I was dealing with vertigo episodes over several days, even making a trip to the ER. Kathleen’s initial evaluation was quite thorough. She ended up working with me for two days and successfully stopped the vertigo. I realize that there are many physical therapists, chiropractors, and others who perform the Epley maneuver for vertigo; but Kathleen’s expertise goes far beyond that if your vertigo doesn’t respond right away to that maneuver. I just recently had a re-occurrence of my vertigo and quickly communicated with Kathleen about it and she talked me through what to do and let me know when she was available if I needed to see her. She is an expert in this area and makes herself accessible to you. She obviously desires to help you feel and function better as soon as possible.

— Beverly H., Friendswood, TX

Last month I hurt my shoulder playing a sport and it was keeping me from doing things I wanted to do, like workout and play with my teammates. I contacted Kathleen who was more than happy to set up a telemedical consultation with me. The distance and the separation present challenges when performing a medical evaluation, but Kathleen handled it perfectly. She was clear and concise, and made it feel like she was there in the room with me! She helped me understand more about how my shoulder works and exercises I can do to get it back to full health and keep it healthy longer. Using her advice, I was able to get back out on the field much more quickly. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs therapy, training, or advice.

— Sam V., Baylor Ultimate Frisbee, Waco, TX

Good morning from Philadelphia. We met in NY at the stage show. Just want to thank you and tell you I'm loving all the single muscle activation videos you are doing. They couldn't come at a more perfect time for me personally as I'm recovering from an injury. The video you did about worse before better and explaining with the drawing was groundbreaking for me xoxoxo

— Margaret Amadio, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you, Kathleen Stross, again SO MUCH for all of your help throughout my Vertigo spell -- it was extremely comforting.
I would describe myself as a normal, healthy 25 year old girl. I have a desk job in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and I try to stay active and work out 3 to 4 times a week (of course this depends on the week...) I woke up one normal Thursday morning in October, felt oddly dizzy...but I thought "Maybe I just jumped out of bed too fast." I put on my gym clothes to fit in a quick spin on my apartment gym's indoor bike before work. I did my normal bike work out which is 30 second interval sprints lasting for 15 minutes (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off). When I got off the bike, I was extremely dizzy, but I thought it was because I really pushed myself on the bike. After stretching and walking back to my apartment and chugging water, I bent down to take off my leggings to get into the shower and when I stood back up, I felt like everything around me was moving 100 mph. It wasn't spinning or swirling, it was just every little movement I made, I felt extremely sensitive to it, followed by a rocking sensation when I finally sat still (like I was on a boat). This lasted for 9 days. After being misdiagnosed with dislodged ear crystals, getting my eyes examined, two trips to my general practitioner to get my blood drawn, and a couple of phone calls and advice from Kathleen (which was the best advice any doctor had given me throughout this process), I finally ending up at a balance center (The Balance Lab in West LA is AMAZING). Justin, my amazing physical therapist conducted a series of very simple tests, of which the results signaled something was up with left side. I was diagnosed with an inner ear virus that attached itself to my left inner ear. Justin gave me exercises to do three times a day, which helped immensely. After 9 days from when I initially felt dizzy, the virus was not active anymore and I was able to do these exercises to restore my left inner ear's strength. It has been 5 months since this scary event and sometimes certain things will trigger my dizziness and it is the same dizziness I had felt before (for example, I tried on my co-worker's glasses today...that is a NO-NO now, note to self). However, I sat still and when I felt the dizziness wearing off (after a few minutes), I did a few of Justin's exercises, which helped a lot. After an hour or so, I felt completely normal again. I never expected anything like this to happen to me... I have no major health issues, I'm 25 and work a very low key job, however Kathleen and Justin helped me immensely. This could literally happen to ANYONE, no matter what age. Thank you for your comfort and help during this scary time, Kathleen! I appreciate it more than I can express!

— Ali L., Los Angeles, CA

Love to hear you talk on your YouTube channel. Such caring comes thru as well as science. Thank you

— Karen Haile Ward from Atlanta, GA

Thanks Kathleen! Sometimes the simplest thing you say to someone helps that light bulb come on. I truly appreciate what you said to me today about looking at what I've accomplished and that I need to let go of the hernia. It feels like a weight lifted. Thanks so much and it was great meeting you today!

— Deb Dee from Georgia

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