Vestibular and Balance Therapy. Over 25 years of experience treating vestibular patients from all over the world. Customized one-on-one therapy with Kathleen for vertigo, dizziness, balance disorders, walking instability, fear of falling, weakness, motion sickness, visual-motion sensitivity. Guaranteed results.

Neurological Rehabilitation. For peripheral neuropathy, post-concussion dizziness and headache, post-traumatic movement restrictions, nerve impingement, head/neck pain, migraine headaches.

Neurofascial Therapies: Combining myofascial and neurosensory approaches to retrain the brain to correct imbalances in fascia causing chronic postural problems, pain, weakness, numbness, and fatigue.  

Optimal Wellness Program:  A functional medicine approach to health and wellness. Using a science-based, systematic approach to assess all the factors keeping you from feeling your very best. Let me guide you to understanding how simple changes to your diet, sleep, exercise, supplementation, detoxification and stress management can transform your life, reduce or eliminate your symptoms, and restore your vitality.  


Premium Performance Package: Take your holistic health journey to the next level when you customize your plan according to your genetics! Let Kathleen help you understand how your body is currently functioning (or not functioning so well!)  by looking at specific biomarkers to measure your level of inflammation, stress, and toxins. Assess whether or not you are producing adequate hormones, or how you can boost your energy production.  Combine these findings with your genetic/DNA testing to fine-tune your plan even more!  


My Holistic Health Plan. Online science-based Holistic Health programs focussing on nutrition and gut health. See


Holistic Health RESET: 7-week meal plan and program designed to help you replace highly addictive or inflammatory foods with nutritious, satisfying foods to calm, cleanse, and rebalance your systems. Common results are often fewer symptoms, more energy, and a loss of inches around the midsection.

Holistic RENEWAL Detox Program: Using food, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle modification to cleanse the body, mind, and soul.

Holistic REBUILDING Program: Rebuild lost muscle tone, flexibility, and fitness level with this comprehensive and fun program aimed at restoring the structural integrity of muscles, joints, and fascia.  

Holistic RESTORATION Program: Tired all the time? In this program, you will connect your lifestyle habits with your cortisol level and stress responses to make the changes you need to feel better, more energetic, and rested than before.



Don’t pass up this opportunity to begin your journey toward holistic health today. Kathleen will help you determine the best first steps for your unique set of symptoms and your situation.  


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